Dr. Chris STEAM Lab

At Dr. Chris STEAM Lab, children of primary age to learn science in the most fun, interactive and unique way. Our program help stimulate kids fall in love with science at a very young age and can help build their hands on abilities.


Our inventors brainstorm hundreds of ideas to create the most exciting projects that are also age-appropriate and educational. We design and test until we get our products right. Everything from quality to safety is looked at so we can deliver your kids an awesome experience!


The various tailored made programs, whether in school, after school, during school holidays, or at your little one’s party, will definitely bring your kids the most memorable and impressive science experiences.

How do we teach science to kids?

  • Watch a scientist story video
  • Play science games
  • Read a science book
  • Make a science toy
  • Learn some science concepts


Each course focus on one topic theme and contain 10 lessons. Courses include:

  • Newtonian Physics (learn about forces, energy and Newton’s Laws),
  • Everyday Science (learn about different science phenomenon in our everyday life such as optics, electricity and wave),
  • Everyday Science Advanced and Quantum Physics (learn science models of the quantum micro world).
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