Welcome to our Science Holiday Camp, where curiosity meets excitement! Our camp is designed to foster a love for scientific discovery and inspire the next generation of innovators. Join us for an unforgettable journey to explore the world of science.

Children will experience with hands-on experiments, engaging activities, and interactive learning. Led by our passionate and experienced science educators, we offer a diverse range of programs for primary kids, where they will gain a deeper understanding of the world around them while developing critical thinking, problem-solving, science crafting skills and teamwork skills.

For a full day program, kids will have a combined science and art program, or science and chess program. Join us now and unlock the wonders of science.

Price: $139 per day (early bird $119 per day)

Combining fun with learning, our holiday camps runs during school holidays in various locations. The programs contains the most popular topics of our course and are innovative, educational and entertaining. Apart from science workshop, students will also participate in other learning topics such as arts, lego, and so on.

Locations include: Chatswood, Pennant Hills, Burwood, Epping

Holiday Camp Schedule Sep  2023

Suitable for children aged 5 – 9

Camp Locations and Time:

  • Pennant hills(Sept 25-27, Sept 29 9am-5pm)
  • Chatswood(Sept 25-29, Oct 3-6 9am-5pm)
  •  Epping(Sept 25-29, Oct 3-6 9am-5pm)
  • Burwood(Sept 25-28, Oct 3-5 9am-5pm)


What to bring

  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks (Nuts free)
  • Lunch (Nuts free)

Science Topics:

  • Gravity / Parachute
  • Wave / Chicken Box and Telephone
  • Optics / Periscope
  • Potential Energy / Speedboat
  • Quantum Physics / Electron Elevator
  • Let There Be Light / Sun, Earth, Moon Model
  • Light Travel in Straight Line / Starlight Projector
  • It Looks Funny / Distorting Mirror
  • How Many Colors / Three Primary Color Light
  • Chemistry 1 / State of Matter
  • Chemistry 2 / Gas

Robotic Engineering Topics:

  • Fan Force
  • Intertia

Chess Topics

  • Opening
  • Ending
  • Puzzles
  • Strategy
  • Tactics

Location Address:

  • Chatswood (Week 1: 1/69 Archer St, Chatswood; Week 2: 304/13 Spring Street, Chatswood )
  • Pennant Hill (Day 1-3: Pennant Hills Leisure and Learning Centre, 8 Warne St, Pennant Hills; Day 5: Pennant Hills Community Centre, Ramsay Rd, Pennant Hills)
  • Burwood: George Street Community Centre (49 George St, Burwood)
  • Epping (Boronia Grove Community Centre, 40 Victoria St, Epping)

Early Bird Special
$20 Off until 10 Sep 2023, only $119/day

Please Book at Least 48 Hours in Advance


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